Abuja and Kogi Plunged into Darkness as Power Station Collapses


Due to technical glitches, some residents of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja and certain areas in Kogi State covered by the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company are currently experiencing power outages.

The AEDC informed its customers in Zamani Estate, Abacha Road Mararaba, Ruga Juli, and other parts of Abuja on Tuesday that a technical fault on 33kv feeder k6 from AT9 Karu Transmission Station led to the power outage.

The AEDC also revealed that the TCN maintenance team was working to restore electricity supply to these areas soon, expressing regret for any inconvenience caused.

The TCN had previously stated that its maintenance crew would be carrying out planned maintenance on the TR3 45MVA and TR2 60MVA power transformers at the 132/33kV Okene Transmission Substation. The maintenance was planned to take place from Tuesday to Wednesday, between 10 am and 03 pm each day.

As a result, Abuja DisCo will be unable to off-take power from the substation to its customers in Okene, Kabba, Ososo, and Ikare during the maintenance period.

Meanwhile, Mbah reported that the TCN had put into operation a 100MVA 132/33kV power transformer at its Port Harcourt Main Transmission Substation to enhance the substation's bulk transmission capacity by 80MW.

In collaboration with the World Bank, this initiative, as she stated, involves the complete rehabilitation and expansion of the 132/33kV transmission substation, along with the addition of three feeders and associated accessories.

She observed that the installation of the 100MVA power transformer increased the substation's installed capacity from 180MVA to 280MVA. Significant benefits from this capacity expansion will be experienced by industries in the Trans Amadi industrial environment and communities beyond Port Harcourt city.

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