Abia: Police Arrest a Chinese Expatriate Over Alleged Murder

GZ Zhen allegedly attacked a female crane operator identified as Ocheze Ogbonna during a night shift at the company after she turned down his sexual advances.
Nigeria Police. [ Google Photos ]
Nigeria Police Google photos

The Abia State Police Command has confirmed the apprehension of Mr. GZ Zhen, a Chinese expatriate at the Inner Galaxy Steel, Umuahala Asa, Ukwa West council area of the state, for allegedly killing a female crane operator, known as Ocheze Ogbonna.

It was reported that Zhen allegedly attacked the female crane operator during a night shift at the company after she turned down his sexual advances. The report noted that Ocheze was allegedly pushed down from the crane by Zhen. He was said to have hit her head on a hard object while the female operator sustained injuries that resulted in her death.

According to some workers at the steel factory, Zhen never related well with Ocheze following the alleged rejection of love advances by the deceased.

The incident led to tension in the steel company as youths from the community barricaded the gates, insisting that they wouldn’t leave until justice was done over the death of Ocheze. 

The protesting youths outside the steel company were dispersed by soldiers guarding the steel company. There were allegations of beatings and gunfire used against the demonstrators.

A distraught protester, while interacting with journalists, condemned the "dehumanising" treatment of Nigerians by the Chinese management at Inner Galaxy Company and demanded Justice for Ocheze.

"The government must investigate this company and the violence against us for demanding answers. We won't tolerate this suffering any longer!"

When contacted, the Abia State Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Maureen Chinaka, confirmed that Zhen is in police custody, stating that an investigation has commenced on the matter.

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