Aba Residents Celebrate Over 48Hours Of Uninterrupted Power Supply

...owing to the recent launching of the 188-megawatt Geometric Power Plant.

Residents of Aba, a bustling city in south-eastern Nigeria, are now enjoying the increased quality of power supply, owing to the recent launching of the 188-megawatt Geometric Power Plant. This momentous breakthrough represents a turning point not only for Aba, but for Abia State as a whole, placing it as a beacon of success in Nigeria's long struggle with unstable electricity supply.

The plant's activation is expected to stimulate economic growth, attract national and international investment, and considerably improve the quality of life for the residents.

The Geometric Power Plant, a project initiated two decades ago, was finally completed earlier this week, and its unveiling was hailed across the city and online. Residents have reported an uninterrupted power supply for more than 48 hours, a rarity in an area plagued by inconsistent electricity. The plant, with a capacity of 188MW, is viewed as a game changer for Aba, increasing its appeal for living and investing.

President Bola Tinubu and Governor Alex Otti, among others, have praised the initiative, emphasizing its potential to develop Abia State into a commercial powerhouse for Nigeria.

The successful commissioning of the Geometric electricity Plant has rekindled discussions about the role of private investors in Nigeria's electricity industry.

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar described the project as a model for integrating private sector expertise to meet the country's electricity needs. Advocating for a favourable business climate, Atiku's words highlight the crucial need for such projects to bridge Nigeria's massive infrastructural gap, striving for universal energy access in line with global sustainable development goals.

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