119 Inmates Break out as Heavy Rainfall Destroys Suleja Prison

Suleja prison
Suleja prisongoogle

No fewer than 119 inmates of the Medium Security Custodial Centre, Suleja, Niger state, have escaped due to heavy downpour that destroyed parts of the facility on Wednesday night.

In a statement on Thursday morning, Adamu Duza, the spokesman of the Nigeria Correctional Service NCoS, revealed this information for the Federal Capital Territory FCT Command.

He reported that on Wednesday night, a heavy downpour lasting for several hours wreaked havoc on the Medium Security Custodial Centre, Suleja, Niger state, and surrounding buildings. The downpour destroyed part of the custodial facility, including its perimeter fence, leading to the escape of 118 inmates.

According to him, the Service has promptly activated its recapturing mechanisms and, in conjunction with sister security agencies, has already recaptured 10 fleeing inmates and taken them into custody, while still in pursuit to recapture the rest.

Duza acknowledged that the Service is aware that many of its facilities were constructed during the colonial era and are old and weak, and mentioned that the Service is making frantic efforts to replace all ageing facilities with modern ones.

Notably, it is evidenced in the ongoing construction of six 3000-capacity ultra-modern custodial centres in all the geopolitical zones in Nigeria, along with the ongoing reconstruction and renovation of existing facilities.

He assured the public that the situation will be promptly handled and the state's citizens can go about their daily activities without hindrance.

“The public is further enjoined to look out for the fleeing inmates and report any suspicious movement to the nearest security agency”, said Duza.

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