Korra Obidi’s Ex-husband, Justin Dean Accuses Her of Infidelity

The dancer reacts to the accusations and says bloggers are learning clout chasing from Mr. Justin Dean.
Justin Dean and his Ex-wife Korra
Justin Dean and his Ex-wife KorraX(Formally Twitter)

Justin Dean, the ex-husband of popular foreign-based Nigerian dancer and singer Anita Chukwumfumnaya Obidi, popularly known as Korra Obidi, has claimed that the dancer was having extramarital affairs while pregnant with their child.

Dean made the claim via a video he posted on his Facebook page on Wednesday, April 17, 2024.

His words were, “Korra, my ex-wife went to Nigeria for her friend’s wedding and slept with this woman’s fiance while she was 5 months pregnant with our daughter.

I was so angry when I found out that she had been sleeping around. It was very risky. She could have contracted SDTs while she was pregnant. That is a big deal.

Korra Obidi Response to her Ex-husband's Accusations

Reacting to the claims, the dancer denied the accusations, stating that her ex-husband was chasing clout with her name because she trended last week after she got attacked.

The singer said in a video message shared via her Instagram and Facebook page: “Bloggers are learning clout chasing from Mr. Justin Dean. I had an accident and I trended; he is now digging out chats from two years ago.

My fans, please be smarter than the normal gullible people. Justin Dean is a desperado. When I got my huge breakthrough, that was when he filed for divorce. He cannot stand attention that is not his. This is two years down the line, and he is still discussing me because the only way he can stay relevant is to call my name.

Recall that Korra’s marriage to Dean crashed in 2022 after he accused her of infidelity.

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