I Made 245K on Twitter", Nigerian Lady Cashes Out from Twitter

A Nigerian Lady Earns N245,000 on Twitter's Ads Revenue Sharing Program Introduced by Elon Musk
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In a noteworthy development, a Nigerian woman named Bamidele has successfully earned N245,000 through Twitter's ads revenue sharing program, which was recently introduced by Elon Musk. Bamidele proudly shared a screenshot of her payout, marking her first successful withdrawal from the program.

The initiative, now known as X, was launched by Elon Musk and offers qualifying Twitter users the opportunity to generate income through ads revenue sharing.

With a substantial follower count of 102.5k, Bamidele qualifies for a potential earnings of N491,000 on Twitter's platform. Presently, she has chosen to withdraw N245,000, reflecting the successful monetization of her Twitter presence.

Bamidele's accomplishment has garnered attention and admiration from fellow Twitter users who witnessed her payout success. Elon Musk's introduction of the ads revenue sharing program within Twitter, now called X, has opened new avenues for users like Bamidele to capitalize on their online presence.

Eligibility for the Twitter ads revenue sharing program involves meeting specific criteria. Users must have accumulated a minimum of 5 million impressions within the last three months.

Additionally, they are required to subscribe to Twitter Blue and maintain a follower count of at least 500. Bamidele's achievement serves as a testament to the potential financial rewards accessible through this innovative program. to Twitter Blue and maintain a minimum of 500 followers.

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