I Found Myself Under Oshodi Bridge After 21 Years In US

Nigerian man shares his sad story.
I Found Myself Under Oshodi Bridge After 21 Years In US
I Found Myself Under Oshodi Bridge After 21 Years In USVanguard

After spending 21 years in the United States, a Nigerian man has shared his horrific story of how he ended himself sleeping under the Oshodi Bridge in Lagos for two years.

The man, who broke down in tears as he told his story, said that he studied banking and finance in London but his downfall started after a dream of flying like an eagle in the skies.

The man told the pitiful tale on a recent show with well-known journalist Oriyomi Hamzat, who is located in Ibadan.

He claimed that in the dream that preceded his bizarre journey to Nigeria, he saw that he was welcomed to both Africa and eventually Nigeria as he soared through the heavens like a bird.

“I just strangely found myself in Nigeria. I spent nine years in London. I studied Banking and Finance in London. I had struggled a lot. I had a dream like I was flying in the skies,” he said.

“In the dream, I was welcome to the Bahamas. I had been there for a vacation in real life. Then, I saw ‘Welcome to London’. Later, I saw another signpost that said, ‘Welcome to Africa’. After that another one said, ‘Welcome to Nigeria.’ It now became clearer when I started seeing cattle, and ‘molue’ buses, and I woke up,” he cried.

He said, “It was after one month, my wife said that I woke up and shouted ‘Nigeria, Nigeria!’ I didn’t plan that I was going to Nigeria. That was how I became sick and my family rushed me to a Teaching Hospital, in California.”

The man claimed that his breakthrough occurred and he regained his senses when some police officers on duty approached him under the bridge in Oshodi, Lagos.

He said, “From there, I found myself under the bridge in Oshodi, Lagos. I slept for two years under the bridge. It was some policemen who woke me up around 1:00 am on a particular midnight. They touched me with the gun. 

“Their leader, during an operation in the middle of the night, asked me where I was from. He said, ‘Get up!’ and questioned, ‘Where are you from?’ I answered, ‘I’m from America.’ I regained my senses a bit. So he now collected the nylon bag I was holding to check me.

“My elder brothers who used voodoo to call me back to Nigeria were also the ones who came to meet me at the airport and collected all my luggage. They dumped me at the psychiatric hospital at Sabo-Yaba, Lagos. When the workers did not see my people, they sent me out and that was how I became a vagabond in Lagos.

“Later, they dumped me at another praying mountain at Pakoto Ifo, located in Ogun State, where I spent six years. The pastor of the church took care of me. Later when the owner of the church died, the people working with the prophet stylishly sent me packing and I became stranded and a wanderer.”

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