Heavy Rains Hit United Arab Emirates Again

It was gathered that it was not as severe as record-breaking April downpours.
United Arab Emirates Flood Disaster
United Arab Emirates Flood Disaster X (Formally Twitter)

Schools and offices across the United Arab Emirates shut down on Thursday, May 2, 2024, as heavy rains returned. This comes just two weeks after record-breaking storms that scientists linked to climate change.

According to reports by journalists, a strong thunderstorm swept through the country overnight, bringing over 50 millimetres of rain in some areas by morning.

Dubai, the financial hub, experienced localised flooding. The city's airport, the world's busiest for international travel, cancelled flights and diverted others due to the weather.

While disruptive, this rain event wasn't as severe as the one on April 16th. The earlier storm caused significant damage, leaving several dead, blocking roads, and cancelling thousands of flights.

Dubai's normally busy highways were quiet, with some cars abandoned on flooded roads. Drainage systems struggled to handle the downpour, with trucks pumping water from flooded areas.

The report also noted that last month's record-breaking rainfall was the heaviest since records began in 1949 and also caused fatalities in neighbouring Oman.

Scientists believe global warming, linked to burning fossil fuels, likely made the deluge worse.

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