Abuja British School Shuts Down Over Bullying Assault of Student

Some social media users condemned the incident, noting that Mariam needs to be expelled from the school.
Maria Hassan while bullying her schoolmate
Maria Hassan while bullying her schoolmate X (Formally Twitter)

The Minister of Women Affairs, Uju Kennedy Ohanenye, recently visited Lead British School Abuja after a video of some students bullying their schoolmate surfaced online. Uju Kennedy was captured while addressing the students about the issue of bullying in the school.

During the visit, an administrator announced that the school would be closed for three days. This announcement was made at a press conference that was attended by concerned parents on Tuesday at the school premises.

One of the videos that surfaced online showed a student named Mariam Hassan repeatedly slapping another female student identified as Namtira Bwala. The incident reportedly occurred within the school premises.

In another video that was made public, Mariam, who was seen bullying and slapping her schoolmate from British Lead College, apologized to the public, stating that she regretted her actions.

The incident sparked widespread criticism and calls for immediate action to address the issue of bullying within the school community.

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