Unexplained Gunfire Erupts in Conakry, Guinea's Capital

Heavy gunfire broke out in the heart of Conakry, Guinea with unclear source and cause, as witnesses informed AFP.
Guinea military
Guinea militaryAFP

Guinea has been under the leadership of Colonel Mamady Doumbouya since September 2021, following his coup that ended 11 years of civilian rule.

A witness from the Kaloum area, the political and administrative center of Conakry, stated, "There is gunfire from both automatic and weapons of war in Kaloum." This witness spoke on condition of anonymity, emphasizing the severity of the situation.

Another anonymous shopkeeper reported, "The city center has been sealed since dawn, we can neither enter nor leave." Armored vehicles have been deployed in Kaloum, hindering daily activities.

The disturbances have significantly impacted the city's transport and access. Witnesses observed empty roads and the presence of armored vehicles at various points. Kaloum, situated on a peninsula, houses key government offices, the military headquarters, and the main prison. Witnesses also noted that the firing occurred near the jail and the 8 Novembre bridge, the sole access route to the city center.

Conakry's international airport faced disruptions as air traffic staff from Kaloum could not reach the airport, resulting in the suspension of Saturday morning flights.

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