Niger Military Rulers Place Armed Forces on 'Highest Alert'

The military rulers in Niger have issued a directive for their armed forces to be on the highest level of alert, citing a heightened risk of potential attacks.
Niger Military Juntas
Niger Military JuntasGoogle photo

This move was confirmed through an internal document issued by Niger's defence chief, and a reliable security source within the country also verified the authenticity of the document. The order for maximum alert aims to ensure that the armed forces are prepared to respond effectively in case of any attack and to prevent any unforeseen incidents.

The Voice of America reported that the junta's decision was based on an internal communication from its defence chief, dated Friday, August 25. According to Reuters, the document emphasized that being on maximum alert would enable the armed forces to adequately counter any potential attack and prevent any unexpected developments that could catch them off guard.

Part of the document's contents states: “Threats of aggression to the national territory are increasingly being felt." This step taken by the Niger junta aligns with ongoing discussions regarding the potential use of force by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

In a related development, the Niger coup leaders have also addressed reports suggesting that they had expelled German, United States (US), and Nigerian ambassadors from the country. The leaders of the military government clarified that only the French ambassador, Sylvain Itte, was directed to leave the country. They strongly refuted the circulated reports as false and clarified the accurate details of the situation.

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