Niger Crisis: Bandits Burn Trucks Carrying Foodstuff To Ghana

ECOWAS debunks rumours that the regional organization was being paid by foreign powers to attack Niger Republic.
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Despite the tough security situation in the area, a Ghanaian driver was shot and injured, and his truck was burned by suspected militants while attempting to carry food supplies from Niger Republic.

The driver was one of a few who chose to transport critical foodstuffs to Ghana via Burkina Faso.

Niger's borders were closed as a result of the military coup, raising tensions with the regional organization, ECOWAS.

According to Africanews, the drivers attempted to continue beyond the Burkina Faso border on their own after failing to obtain security escorts.

Terrorists attacked the convoy, destroying about four vehicles.

Massahoudu Dambala, the owner of Damabala Enterprise, revealed the horrifying incident to Joy News.

Damabala Enterprise uses about 35 trucks to convey food from Niger to Ghana.

He said, “When the expected escorts failed to show up, one of the drivers made the decision to proceed. Following their accomplishment, our drivers made the trip as well. They left, and the jihadists appeared. The drivers made every effort to stop the convoy, but it continued. Tragically, some went home, and some left their trucks behind.

“Our leading vehicle was targeted; they burned it along with about 450 bags of beans it was carrying, along with three or four other trucks.”

Meanwhile, ECOWAS has debunked rumours that the regional organization was being paid by foreign powers to attack Niger Republic.

The President of the ECOWAS Commission, Omar Alieu Touray, made the announcement on Friday during a press conference in Abuja.

He said, “Let me reiterate that fifth columnists have unfortunately been misrepresenting our decisions and actions, deriding regional authorities as being tele-guided by foreign powers with nefarious intentions.

“Let me remind everyone that ECOWAS is a community of rules and regulations, norms, and values. These principles, which have been accumulated over the 48 years of its existence, and they underpin its actions.

“We are, therefore, not under the dictates of any extra-regional power or interests. Our interest is rather the protection of the rights of our people with the objective of building a rules-based community and fostering peace and prosperity for all in our region.”

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