If Isreal Fails, We Are Next - Mosab Yousef, Son Of Hamas Founder

Accuses Hamas of gambling with people's lives for political gain.
Mosab Yousef
Mosab Yousef YouTube

Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of Hamas co-founder Sheikh Hassan Yousef, spoke out at the United Nations on Monday about Hamas's atrocities. Youssef spoke about Hamas terror attacks, such as suicide bombings against Israeli civilians, and their indoctrination of the Gaza population, particularly children.

In this video excerpt, he accused Hamas of gambling with people's lives for political gain. He claimed that Hamas's strategy had always been to sacrifice thousands of lives, with Israel bearing the brunt of the blame. This is why tunnels were constructed beneath schools and hospitals.

He also mentioned how they misfired rockets to destroy a hospital and then spread propaganda to blame the destruction on Israel. If Hamas is not defeated, he claims, it will serve as an inspiration for all radicals around the world to blackmail the world and bring democracy to its knees.

He concluded by saying that if Israel fails in Gaza, we will all be next.

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