Germany Condemns Gabon oup Despite ‘valid’ Concerns Over Polls

Germany has voiced its condemnation while also acknowledging legitimate concerns associated with the preceding polls that preceded the military intervention in Gabon, as reported by AFP.
Gabon Coup leader
Gabon Coup leadertwitter

Germany’s foreign ministry affirmed its position, stating, “It is not up to the military to intervene by force in the political process. Gabonese people must be able to autonomously and freely decide their future.”

The Central African country witnessed a coup led by certain military officers that resulted in the removal of President Ali Bongo, who had recently emerged victorious in the presidential election held on Saturday.

Ali Bongo assumed power in 2009 following the passing of his father, Omar Bongo, who had governed the nation for a span of 42 years.

The citizens of Gabon took to the streets of Libreville, the capital, to celebrate the end of the Bongo dynasty, which had ruled the country for 53 years.

The leaders behind the coup have designated General Brice Oligui Nguema, the chief of the Republican Guard, as the transitional president. This significant development has drawn international attention and concern, with Germany emphasizing the importance of respecting the democratic processes and autonomy of the Gabonese people.

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