China Rejects UN Draft Resolution on Israel and Palestine

China has exercised its veto power in the United Nations Security Council, rejecting a draft resolution related to the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict.
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Zhang Jun, China's permanent representative to the UN, expressed that the draft resolution departed from the spirit of previous UN resolutions and implied a dangerous logic of clashing civilizations and the justification of war and the use of force.

Zhang clarified that its stance is rooted in facts, the law, conscience, justice, and the global community's strong appeals, particularly those from Arab countries. The draft resolution, which focused on the humanitarian aspects of the conflict and the protection of civilians, had garnered significant support from Council members. However, it failed to be adopted due to China's veto.

Subsequently, the United States introduced a new draft resolution, departing from the Council's consensus and introducing divisive elements that extended beyond the humanitarian realm.

Several Council members, including China, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, and Brazil, proposed amendments to the text.

“China is by no means opposing the council taking actions.

“On the contrary, we have always strongly called for the council to play a responsible role.

“What we oppose is that the draft resolution is evasive on the most urgent issue of ending the hostility.

“It has never been able to call for an immediate ceasefire in clear and unambiguous terms,’’ Zhang said.

According to Zhang, if a Council resolution is ambiguous on the question of war and peace, and of life and death, it is not only irresponsible but also extremely dangerous.

“It is tantamount to paving the way for large-scale military actions and giving the green light to further escalation of war,’’ he noted.

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