China Earthquake Claims 95 Lives; US Urge Surgical Strikes in Gaza

At least 95 people have lost their lives, and another 220 are injured in the aftermath of an earthquake in north-west China on Monday, according to state media reports.
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The earthquake, with a magnitude of 5.9 and a depth of 10km, struck in Gansu province around midnight, causing damage to buildings in both Gansu and the neighboring province of Qinghai. Rescue efforts are actively underway.

While awaiting updates on the earthquake in China, the United States is intervening in Gaza. US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin conveyed that discussions with Israel aim to make the war in Gaza more "surgical."

During his statement in Tel Aviv, Austin reaffirmed US support for Israel while emphasizing the need to reduce harm to civilians and transition to "lower intensity operations."

This statement comes in response to health officials in the Hamas-run Gaza reporting that Israeli air strikes resulted in the death of 110 people in Jabalia late on Sunday. Israel, however, has not provided specific comments, maintaining its stance on targeting what it refers to as terrorist infrastructure.

In a video released by Hamas, a group of three elderly men taken hostage calls on Israel to secure their release.

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