Chad under Military Rule to Elect New President

Chad's transitional president
Chad's transitional president AFP

Chadians voted in a new president on Monday in an election that is said to be aimed at putting an end to military rule, but critics of junta leader Mahamat Idriss Deby consider it a sham following violent repression.

Voters in one of the world’s poorest countries will choose whether to extend decades of Deby family rule, a crucial territory in the fight against jihadism across the Sahel desert region.

They can choose to go for Deby’s own prime minister, Succes Masra, who is criticized as a puppet in the absence of any other substantial challengers.

At his closing election rally on Friday, Deby pledged a "knockout in the first round" and committed to winning without a run-off, declaring to his supporters: "Chad will be yours, Chadians" for the first time.”

International human rights groups have issued a warning that the election will not be free or fair, citing the killing of Deby's main rival and the banning of others from standing.

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