Tuberculosis Killed 300 in Ogun in 2023 – Institute

In 2023, Ogun State recorded over 6,000 cases of tuberculosis, with no fewer than 300 patients dying.
Florinda Olawusi
Florinda Olawusi google

Senior Programme Officer at the Institute of Human Virology Nigeria, Ms Florinda Olawusi, has revealed that Ogun state has recently seen a 100% surge in tuberculosis cases.

While addressing journalists during the 2024 World Tuberculosis Day, Olawusi raised concerns about a 100% increase from 2019, stating that data from the IHVN and USAID TB-LON 3 project for Ogun State indicated 3,000 cases in 2019.

She observed that 95% of the patients had already been placed on treatment.

Noting that the treatment lasts for six months, she mentioned that the patient exits the program once the treatment duration is over. By last year, they managed to identify 6,000 cases, with 95% of them undergoing treatment.

When asked about the number of deaths, she stated, "There have been some TB-related deaths in the past year. Last year in Ogun State, a little over 300 patients died from TB-related causes.”

Olusola Taiwo, the State Programme Manager for TB and Leprosy Control, highlighted that being in an overcrowded environment is a predisposing factor for TB infection, and noted that individuals should prioritize good ventilation and practice proper coughing etiquette to prevent the spread of TB germs.

The World Health Organisation representative, Omotunde Ogunlaja, recommended that residents speak out and contact the nearest health facility if symptoms are suspected.

She highlighted that the assessment and treatment are free, and individuals on the treatment should not be excluded. Taking their drugs regularly is also recommended.

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