SYNLAB Conducts Cancer Screening for 100 Women

Empowering Health Through Awareness and Early Detection: SYNLAB Nigeria's Cancer Screening Initiative
SYNLAB Health organization
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To foster early disease detection for improved well-being, SYNLAB Nigeria, in collaboration with the Private Sector Health Alliance of Nigeria (PSHAN) and Sacred Heart Hospital Lantoro Abeokuta, orchestrated a complimentary cancer screening event for 100 women in Ogun State.

The main objective of the event centered on enhancing early identification and prevention of cancer, a widespread ailment affecting numerous lives globally. Harnessing their advanced Liquid Cytology (LBC) method and a proficient medical team, SYNLAB Nigeria facilitated cervical cancer screenings for all participants. The liquid-based Cytology approach seeks to comprehensively uncover potential cancer risks in their early stages, thereby elevating prospects of successful treatment.

Beyond offering complimentary cancer screening, the event functioned as a platform to heighten awareness about cancer and the significance of periodic screenings. Educational sessions and expert-led dialogues empowered attendees with insights into cancer risk factors, preventive tactics, and the vital role of regular health check-ups.

These endeavors underscored the joint commitment of the participating entities not solely to dispensing healthcare services but also to fostering a proactive health management ethos.

The event achieved its goal of providing free cervical cancer screening for a hundred women using the LBC technique, facilitated by Sacred Heart Hospital’s effective mobilization and sample collection efforts. Many attendees expressed gratitude for gaining access to top-tier healthcare services that might have been beyond their reach otherwise.

Representatives from partnering organizations collaboratively ensured the event's seamless execution and success.

SYNLAB Nigeria's CEO, Kenneth Okolie, conveyed his satisfaction with the event's triumph, stating, "We are delighted by the community's enthusiasm and engagement in our free cancer screening initiative. Our commitment lies in making healthcare attainable and empowering individuals to take proactive control of their well-being."

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