NPHCDA Targets 288,000 Kogi Girls for HPV Vaccine

Ongoing Vaccination
Ongoing VaccinationGoogle pgotos

The National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA) has set its sights on vaccinating over 288,000 girls in Kogi against Human Papillomavirus (HPV) to combat Cervical Cancer starting from May 27.

Mr. Mohammed Bala, the Technical Assistant on HPV Introduction at John Snow Incorporated (JSI), revealed this initiative in an interview in Lokoja on Saturday.

He highlighted that on May 27, NPHCDA and JSI, under the HPV Vaccine Acceleration Programme Partners Initiative (HAPPI) project, will offer essential technical assistance.

The program, spanning a week, aims to reach girls aged 9 to 14, a demographic particularly susceptible to cervical cancer.

Bala emphasized the severity of cervical cancer, noting its latent nature of up to 10 years before symptoms appear, making early detection crucial for effective treatment and patient survival.

He stressed the government and partners' commitment to safeguarding young girls from this disease at an early age. The immunization campaign in Kogi, commencing on May 27, will cover all 21 local government areas, ensuring access to the HPV vaccine for the targeted demographic.

Bala called upon parents, guardians, religious leaders, community figures, and stakeholders to play a pivotal role in raising awareness and encouraging girls to participate in the HPV vaccination drive, promoting a healthier future for them.

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