How Proper diet, Lifestyle Changes Lengthen Telomeres

Says Dr Rasheed Abassi, a medical expert.
Chief Medical Director (CMD), Heritage Men’s Clinic, Dr Rasheed Abassi
Chief Medical Director (CMD), Heritage Men’s Clinic, Dr Rasheed AbassiNAN

A medical expert known as Dr Rasheed Abassi, affirmed that Telomeres, basic proteins that shield the body’s chromosomes can be lengthened by lifestyle changes and eating proper diets.

Abassi, who is the Chief Medical Director of Heritage Men’s Clinic, said this on Saturday in an interview with newsmen in Abuja.

He said,  telomeres are like shields at the end of each chromosome and chromosomes are basic biological markers that form in Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA).

DNA is the molecule that carries genetic information for the development and functioning of an organism.

“We are made of cells, and each cell has a chromosome, the telomeres are the shields at the tail of the chromosomes.

“Our cells become degraded, while DNA breakdown as we age. So, if my telomeres are doing a job and I’m giving them the tools, as protectors, they will slow down and prevent ageing.

“The quality of life is as a result of your protectors and telomeres protect your DNA, so if your DNA is not protected, it gets exposed to inflammatory radicals and this will hasten DNA damage.”

According to him, the telomeres allow human cells to communicate and the latest discovery on human genome is that the longer ones telomeres, the longer one lives.

“The big news, however, is that we can affect this telomeres by making the appropriate lifestyle changes and eating foods that can actually lengthen or shorten your telomeres.”

He said that the lifestyle changes included having adequate and quality sleep, exercise, reduced salt intake and sufficient water intake.

Abassi said that the longer one lives without paying attention to life style changes, they are exposed to inflammation.

“Inflammation is the basic cause of cardiovascular issues such as heart attack, stroke, myocardial infraction and uncontrolled high blood pressure.

“Insufficient sleep creates internal stressors which lead to inflammation, and that affects your telomeres.

“New born babies have not been exposed to any form of stress, so no inflammation at all because they depend on their parents to provide everything for them.

“However, the older you get and start acquiring these life stressors, your body accumulates a lot of inflammatory processes and those are the ones that affect your telomeres.”

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