Doctor Warns Nigerians: Avoid Rotten Tomatoes and Peppers

Rotten Tomatoes and Peppers Pose Serious Health Risks, Says Medical Doctor
Rotten Tomatoes
Rotten Tomatoes

A medical doctor who identified as Wales, has issued a stark warning to Nigerians to avoid consuming rotten tomatoes and peppers, commonly referred to as "eesa" or "baaje" tomatoes.

In a viral social media clip, Wales emphasized that the continuous consumption of these spoiled vegetables can lead to serious health risks, including cancer.

The doctor highlighted the potential dangers of eating "poison" due to the economic situation. He stressed that the tough economic conditions should not be a reason to compromise one's health.

Wales explained that fresh tomatoes are rich in essential nutrients like Vitamin C, potassium, and antioxidants. However, rotten tomatoes are soft, broken pieces of tomatoes sold at cheaper prices, often accessible to flies that deposit germs and eggs inside them.

As these tomatoes break down, microorganisms invade them, causing them to rot. Among these microorganisms are fungi that produce mycotoxins, which have been linked to cancers and immune deficiency in humans.

The doctor warned that boiling and washing the tomatoes would not eliminate the mycotoxins, which can cause cancer, damage the kidney and liver, and spread quickly throughout the tomatoes due to their high water content.

Wales urged Nigerians to prioritize their health and avoid consuming rotten tomatoes and peppers, regardless of the economic situation. He emphasized that it is crucial to make informed choices about the food we eat to prevent serious health risks.

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