Anambra Shuts Down Hotels & Others Due to Environmental Concerns

Officials shutting down a premises
Officials shutting down a premisesgoogle

The Anambra State Government has sealed some hotels and other business premises due to environmental concerns and disobedience to court summons under the Operation Clean and Healthy Anambra (OCHA).

Leading the enforcement team on Sunday, the Managing Director of OCHA Brigade, Celestine Anere, emphasized that the action was required because of the flagrant disobedience to environmental laws by certain hotels and leisure centre operators in the state.

Anere explained that the enforcement action was prompted by public outcry concerning the environmental state of the areas where the businesses operate, emphasizing that the persistent problem of flouting environmental laws poses a significant threat to the environment and ecosystem.

He said, “More enforcement teams have been created to avail residents the opportunity to report any environmental issues around their communities.

The state government has declared zero tolerance to environmental pollution, and he further stated that they are poised to safeguard and uphold every government policy that will promote the vision of a clean, green, healthy, livable, and prosperous homeland in the state.

Most of the affected business premises were reportedly located in Awka and its surroundings. The sealing of the premises occurred following weeks of court notices served by the agency and the Ministry of Environment.

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