"Olu Jacobs Is Alive" - Son Dispels Death Rumours

olu jacobs
olu jacobs

Nollywood veteran Olu Jacobs is alive, his family confirmed on Sunday amid raging social media death rumours and speculations. Soji, the first son of the acting legend, told reporters that his elderly father is not dead, as has been widely reported.

Soji shared a video with one of our reporters where the legendary actor was seen sitting comfortably while shaving his grey beard. During the event, the older and frail-looking Jacobs was heard conversing lightly with his barber and those around him.

Jacobs' "death" has been rumoured several times since November 2021, when his actress wife, Joke Silva, revealed her husband's health issues. However, the family has repeatedly denied such an incident, providing videos and images of their father to discredit the rumours.

Joke Silva, the 62-year-old respected actress and long-time wife of Jacobs, revealed in 2021 that her husband has been battling Dementia with Lewy Bodies (DLB) for the past couple of years.

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