I Was Never Sexually Harassed in Nollywood – Rosy Meurer

Says motherhood has moulded her into a more responsible woman.
Nollywood actress Rosy Meurer
Nollywood actress Rosy Meurer Facebook

Gambian-born Nigerian actress Rosaline Ufuoma Meurer, popularly known as Rosy Meurer, has shared how she handled sexual harassment in the early days of her career.

Rosy was known for her 2014 role as Kaylah in the TV series Oasis and her 2018 role as Kemi Alesinloye in Ayo Makun’s Merry Men: The Real Yoruba Demons.

In a current interview with journalists, the Nollywood star said, “Luckily for me, I was never harassed in the industry. I am always grateful to God for that.”

She added, I think I was just favoured not to have had a hard time entering the industry. It wasn’t a do-or-die for me. The opportunity presented itself, and I gave it a shot. To be honest, I never imagined being an actress. If I ever imagined being the focus of attention, I always pictured modeling. I modelled as a young girl for some Swedish magazines and some kiddies clothing brands, but I never acted. When I acted for the first time, people were commenting, “Oh, she’s good; she has it in her; she’s natural.”

Rosy said, “All of that inspired me and made me know I was doing something right. I enjoyed playing different roles, dressing up, and the glam and glitz of it all, and from there, it just grew in me. I love it more than anything else now.”

Commenting on the effect of motherhood on her personality, Rosy said it was one of the best feelings ever.

“It is supernatural. It has energised me in ways I can’t explain—to keep going no matter how tired I am. It has made me learn the characteristics I didn’t know I had. I am more tolerant, I am more compassionate, and I am more prayerful. Motherhood has moulded me into a more responsible woman,” she stressed.

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