Eric Many Records Announce Release Of Kidnap Artiste Gnewzy

The artiste was kidnapped on April 29 after performing at a nightclub in Delta State.
Gnewzy Instagram @gnewzy_

Eric Many Records has announced that its artist, Emuemu Goodnews, famously known as Gnewzy, has been released by his abductors after six days in captivity.

Revealing this in a press statement, the CEO of Eric Many Records, Dilly Umenyiora, affirmed that part of the ransom for the release of the artist was paid by the record label. However, he did not publicise how much was paid as ransom.

While thanking the police for their efforts in securing the release of Gnewzy, the record label boss complained about some irregularities in their handling of the situation.

Umenyiora affirmed that he believes the police could have done more to speed up the release of Gnewzy. 

“Eric Many Records wishes to express their gratitude to the officers who diligently played their part; however, we believe that more could have been done to speed up the process and ensure the protection of the artist, who is now receiving medical treatment and recuperating from his ordeal,” says the statement.

The record label affirmed that it is dedicated to working with the relevant authorities to address these problems and improve the response to such incidents in the future.

Recall that Lagos Local News reported that Gnewzy was kidnapped in the early hours of Monday, April 29, after performing at a nightclub in Delta State, with the kidnappers demanding a $200,000 ransom.

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