UK Educational Consultant Hails Nigerian Students as Exceptional

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Mark Brooks, an educational consultant in the United Kingdom, has been recognized as a UK Government 'Export Champion' for the third consecutive year. Brooks, who was awarded the honor by the UK's Minister for Exports, Lord Offord, praised Nigerian students seeking education in the UK as exceptional.

Brooks noted that hundreds of Nigerian students are enrolled in UK boarding schools, where they excel in various fields such as sports, drama, art, and music.

He emphasized that these students are a positive influence in their school communities and often go on to become leaders, with many serving as Head Girl or Head Boy.

The majority of Nigerian students in the UK progress to local universities and later return to Nigeria, making significant contributions to the country's achievements in culture, innovation, business, and global trade.

Brooks has been facilitating seminars and exchanges for senior teachers in the UK for almost two decades.

He advises parents in Nigeria on boarding school and foundation options in the UK, and his company, Mark Brooks Education, has brought dozens of top school leaders from across Britain to run seminars and organize exchanges for senior teachers.

The UK Minister for Exports, Lord Offord, highlighted Brooks' dedication to sustaining the interface between UK schools and Nigerian parents, encouraging them to send their children to the UK for a sound education.

Brooks has leveraged his global network to bring more opportunities to the UK, connecting businesses to new markets across the globe.

The role of an Export Champion is to inspire and encourage other businesses to grow through exporting, networking, and developing partnerships.

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