Top-up Programme Not for Every HND Holder – NBTE clarifies

The National Board for Technical Education has clarified the purpose of the new online top-up programme designed for HND holders to attain a Bachelors Degree within a year.
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The NBTE's Head of Media Unit, Hajiya Fatima Abubakar, issued a statement in Abuja on Tuesday to address misunderstandings about the program.

According to Abubakar, the program is targeted specifically at HND holders who aspire to pursue an academic career, particularly in fields like teaching and research within Polytechnics or Universities.

Prof. Idris Bugaje, the NBTE's Chief Executive, emphasized that the initiative does not apply to all HND holders but rather to those who have a genuine interest in advancing their careers in academic environments.

Bugaje noted that the online top-up program provides an alternative to the traditional Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) offered by Nigerian Universities. He stated that in a democratic society like Nigeria, HND holders should be given the choice between pursuing a PGD or opting for the top-up to attain a Bachelor’s Degree.

The Chief Executive clarified that the introduction of the top-up program does not signal the end of HND programs in Polytechnics. Instead, it offers an additional option for HND holders who are interested in academic pursuits. The program aims to bring parity between HND holders and those with Bachelor's degrees, facilitating their progression towards Master's and Doctorate degrees, particularly for those interested in academic careers.

Bugaje stated that the top-up program is introduced in collaboration with foreign universities initially to demonstrate its universal acceptability, with the intention that Nigerian universities may adopt it in the future.

He also mentioned that the cost of the program is reasonable, approximately 10% of the fees paid by regular face-to-face students.

Bugaje emphasized that the program is meant to encourage candidates to pursue polytechnic education and progression into academics without diminishing the significance of technical education.

He believes that the top-up initiative will strengthen the educational landscape and provide HND holders with a seamless pathway to enhance their careers and educational pursuits.

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