Nigerian Students Protest Alleged Sexual Harassment by Official

Students protesting
Students protestingVanguardngr

Female students from the University of Calabar's Faculty of Law in South-south Nigeria held a peaceful rally on campus, accusing the Dean, Cyril Ndifon, of sexual harassment.

One placard displayed in the video read, “Prof Ndifon, let the girls with big breasts breathe. Stop suffocating us.”

Male students also participated in the protest.

University of Calabar's Vice-Chancellor, Florence Obi, assured the protesting students that their complaints would be addressed. She stated that the university management would investigate the allegations against Ndifon, but emphasized that evidence would be required to substantiate the claims.

Following the protest, Mrs. Obi held a five-hour meeting with the Faculty of Law's management to address the situation. A committee has been established to handle various concerns raised by the students.

Notably, Ndifon had previously faced suspension in 2015 after being accused of raping a law student. 

The suspension was later lifted under unclear circumstances.

Ndifon responded by asserting that the protest was orchestrated by the President of the Law Students Association, Ben Otu, and implicated other lecturers in the matter. He questioned the authenticity of the protest, pointing out that only first-year students were involved.

He also defended his popularity, highlighting his successful election as dean and challenging the accusations against him.

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