Labour Strike: Students sent Home, Banks Locked in Osun

Despite the orderly approach, the strike faced resistance from the government, which labeled the action as illegal.
Asuu strike
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In response to the nationwide strike declared by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC), public primary and secondary school students in Osogbo, the capital of Osun State, were instructed to go home on Tuesday.

This directive resulted in scenes of various students traversing roads and streets to comply with the strike. 

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reported observations of the unfolding situation.

At CAC Grammar School, Goodfon, Osogbo, the gates were conspicuously open, allowing students to exit the premises. 

Simultaneously, some teachers congregated under a tree, engaging in discussions. 

This exemplified the widespread impact of the strike on educational institutions.

Beyond schools, the strike reverberated through the business sector. 

Some banks in Osogbo remained closed, while others exhibited hesitancy in opening for regular transactions. 

The economic pulse of the city felt the effects as business operations encountered disruptions.

A visit to the state secretariat in Abere painted a picture of subdued activity. Many offices were deserted, with only a few workers observed entering or moving about within the secretariat.

The anticipation of a more pronounced impact lingered, considering the potential escalation of the strike.

Despite the strike gaining momentum, it appeared to follow a relatively calm course in Osogbo. 

Unlike previous nationwide strikes, the gates to the state secretariat remained accessible, guarded by security personnel. 

This departure from the norm indicated a nuanced approach to the strike, as workers abstained from their duties without resorting to the complete closure of government offices.

Modupeola Oyedele, the Osun State NLC Caretaker Chairperson, provided insight into the labor unions' stance. 

She affirmed that the strike was in compliance with directives from the NLC and TUC headquarters. 

Emphasizing a commitment to non-confrontational methods, Oyedele stated that there would be no street protests associated with the strike.

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