Kaduna's N4Bn School Feeding Initiative Supports 25,000 Students

Kaduna State Government Assures Almajiri Children of Quality Education Opportunities
The Kaduna State Governor, Uba Sani
The Kaduna State Governor, Uba SaniX (Twitter)

The Kaduna State government has assured that it will provide qualitative educational opportunities to almajiri children in the state.

Dr. Buhari-Ado stated that the government decided to host Islamic and underprivileged school pupils as part of its ongoing effort to ensure that children of the less privileged have access to quality education in the state.

She highlighted that the school feeding programme, which has so far cost the state government over N4 billion, has boosted school enrolment and retention as well as stimulated the local economy in the state.

The programme has already benefited over 25,000 school pupils across the 23 local councils of the state, according to Dr. Buhari-Ado. She revealed that the event, which included the slaughtering of a sacrificial ram, special Eid lunch, cutting of cake, and distribution of free gifts, provided her the opportunity to interact with the pupils who were initially out-of-school children in the state.

An official of one of the Islamic schools, AbdulHamid Ahmed, described the school feeding initiative as a welcome development that has created an enabling environment for vulnerable children to have equal opportunities to acquire education in the state.

He acknowledged that the programme has positively impacted school enrolment in his school.

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