JAMB Bars Direct Entry Candidates with Name Changes

Direct Entry Candidates Protest JAMB's Decision to Bar Those with Change of Name
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Direct Entry candidates have expressed frustration and disappointment over the decision by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) to bar those who have undergone a change of name from furthering their education.

The candidates claim that JAMB is not considering the legitimacy of their name changes, which they argue are genuine and supported by valid documents.

Adeniyi Adeyemi-Reuben, formerly known as Segbe Adeyemi Reuben, had undergone a change of surname in 2017.

Despite providing proof of his genuine name change, he was unable to register for JAMB due to the new name. He expressed his disappointment, stating that JAMB is not addressing the issue despite his formal complaint.

Investigations by our newsmen revealed widespread complaints from candidates on social media platforms, including Twitter, about the difficulties they faced in registering for JAMB due to their changed names. For instance, Chinwe Okafor, who had undergone a change of name due to marriage, was unable to proceed with her Direct Entry registration despite having purchased a pin.

Uche Oyeka, another candidate, was instructed to revert to her maiden name on her National Identification Number (NIN) to facilitate registration.

In response to these complaints, JAMB's Spokesman, Fabian Benjamin, claimed to be unaware of the issue. When asked if JAMB would take steps to rectify the situation, Benjamin stated that he was not aware of any specific cases and could not provide a solution without more information.

Benjamin emphasized that JAMB requires candidates to provide consistent identification throughout their academic journey.

He noted that if a candidate's name changes, they must provide a valid reason for the change and ensure that all their documents, including their National Identification Number (NIN), are updated accordingly.

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