Babcock University Welcomes Matriculants

Emphasizes collaboration and respect.
Babcock University
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Babcock University in Ogun State recently welcomed its new undergraduate students at a matriculation ceremony. The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Ademola Tayo, addressed the incoming students, emphasising the importance of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and learning from one another.

This year's matriculation marks the university's 25th undergraduate intake, with 3,223 students enrolling in various degree programmes.

The Vice Chancellor urged the students to embrace their roles as positive changemakers. He acknowledged their potential for great achievements, highlighting that social change requires not only ability but also humility. Students must be willing to listen to the needs of the communities they serve and be open to collaboration, knowledge sharing, and learning from others.

Professor Tayo also stressed the importance of problem-solving skills, a core focus of the university's educational approach. Furthermore, he assured the students of an inclusive campus environment with zero tolerance for discrimination.

"This campus welcomes everyone," the Vice Chancellor declared. "We take all issues of equality and diversity very seriously. We believe in inclusivity. Babcock University is committed to being a diverse college where everyone is treated equally and with respect. We have zero tolerance for discrimination. This commitment forms the foundation of our core value of team spirit. The diversity of our student body allows for the celebration of differences and the sharing of cultures."

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