Why Tax Experts Need to Include Remote Workers in Nigeria - CITN

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President of the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria, CITN, Barrister Samuel Agbeluyi, has suggested that Nigeria’s internally generated revenue could increase by integrating young Nigerians who are genuinely working remotely.

He made the comments while conversing with journalists at the upcoming 26th CITN Annual Tax Conference in Abuja from May 13 to 17.

His suggestions came amidst Nigeria's ongoing struggle with low IGR, as many states heavily rely on federal allocations. He highlighted the potential of integrating young Nigerians who work remotely into the tax system to boost IGR.

The CITN boss emphasized the significance of the upcoming conference, which will showcase experts discussing the theme, “Sustainable Tax Culture and Economic Roadmap for Nation Building,” along with other sub-themes.

Noting that the conference would provide participants with the necessary intellectual, health, and social tools for success.

Agbeluyi also called for the autonomy of state internal revenue services, citing that multiple taxation hinders economic growth.

“On growing the IGR, you can’t have states running to Abuja for FAAC allocation, despite contributing to it. FAAC can’t be enough. FIRS is doing well because of its autonomy, he said."

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