VP Shettima Commends Google's N1.2 Billion Grant Initiative

Vice President Kashim Shettima Commends Google's N1.2 Billion Grant Initiative for President Tinubu's One Million Jobs Program
VP shettima at the event
VP shettima at the eventThe Punch

Vice President Kashim Shettima expressed his appreciation for Google's N1.2 billion grant initiative aimed at supporting the President Tinubu administration's one million jobs initiative. This was conveyed during a meeting with executives from Google, a prominent global technology company, held at the Presidential Villa in Abuja on Tuesday.

Shettima lauded the announcement of the N1.2 billion grant, highlighting its role in bolstering the digital jobs initiative spearheaded by the Tinubu administration.

In his statement, Shettima emphasized the importance of innovative thinking to generate more employment opportunities.

He urged the need to translate ideas into tangible actions, acknowledging the challenges of executing such initiatives. He asserted that Nigeria is open for business and noted the current President's commitment to establish a legacy that resonates with future generations.

Shettima also noted the immense potential of Nigeria's youthful population in contributing to the nation's growth, particularly in the digital sector. He expressed optimism in harnessing this potential to generate a multitude of employment opportunities for the country.

“We have more English-speaking people than many countries in Africa and beyond. We missed the agricultural age, we missed the industrial age and we are now in the knowledge-driven post-industrial age.

“We have the potential and a unique opportunity to fill the anticipated global talent deficit. Access Bank is doing a lot in terms of digital skills, training 1,000 youths in digital skills to create employment opportunities, he said.

Earlier, the Director of Google, West Africa, Mr Olumide Balogun, said the company was excited about the Tinubu administration’s vision of creating one million digital jobs and was committing over N1.2 billion in grants to support the initiative.

He said the company, through the programme, would provide digital skills to over 20,000 youths and women to enhance and improve their lives and livelihoods, and also enable several startups grow and create thousands of jobs in the sector.

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