Terminal Operator Launches School-to-Sea Program for Students

APM Terminals Apapa Partners with Ocean Ambassadors Foundation to Inspire Maritime Careers
Sea port
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APM Terminals Apapa has collaborated with the Ocean Ambassadors Foundation (OAF) to sensitize secondary school students on the diverse career paths available in the maritime industry. This initiative is part of the terminal operator's efforts to commemorate the 2024 Children's Day celebration.

Frederik Klinke, the Chief Executive Officer of APM Terminals Nigeria, emphasized the importance of this partnership in grooming the next generation of maritime professionals. He highlighted the Federal Government's focus on the maritime sector as a pivotal area, citing the development of a national policy on the Marine and Blue Economy as a testament to the government's commitment to creating an enabling environment for the industry's growth.

Steen Knudsen, the Terminal Manager of APM Terminals Apapa, described the collaboration as a way for the terminal to give back to society. He stated that this is just one of the many corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects the terminal has undertaken at various levels of government and within the Apapa community.

Omolara Olatunbosun, the Senior People Business Partner of APM Terminals Apapa, emphasized the program's particular focus on grooming female maritime professionals. She shared that the terminal has been actively recruiting women into roles that were previously dominated by men, as part of their commitment to supporting the growth of women in the industry.

The President of the Ocean Ambassadors Foundation, Violet Williams, expressed gratitude for the terminal's collaboration on the "Blue Talents School to Sea" program. This initiative aims to encourage the training of young female school leavers on various aspects of the export value chain, including processing, packaging, warehousing, and quality control.

The seminar will be held on Thursday, providing an opportunity for students to learn about the exciting career possibilities in the maritime industry.

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