Tap Fever: Tapswap Users Urged to Be Patient During Maintenance

User who could not use the app
User who could not use the applegit ng

A participant in the Tapswap mining community has reassured users that the current inability to access the app is a temporary issue affecting everyone. This comes in response to numerous complaints from people who are actively mining Tapswap and eager to cash out their earnings.

The lady's update regarding Tapswap's status was corroborated by the official Tapswap Telegram channel, where an announcement was made informing miners that system maintenance is underway. The announcement states, "Hey, dear Tapswappers, we are currently undergoing maintenance. This might take between one to three hours. Thanks for your patience."

TikTok user Ose Sweet also reported experiencing difficulties in opening the Tapswap app, echoing the sentiments of many others who have joined the tapping craze in hopes of profiting from it. Numerous individuals have been observed repeatedly tapping on their phone screens as part of the Tapswap mining process.

When asked about the legitimacy of Tapswap, crypto expert Obani Ebenezer Nwokoma assured that there is no fraud involved. He explained, "First, it's not a fraud, you're not stealing from anyone, and it's very legit because you're rewarded according to the effort you put into it."

However, Obani cautioned that while Tapswap has the potential to make participants wealthy, patience is advised, and cashing out depends on individual effort.

He emphasized the importance of understanding the crypto world, where new projects go through a process before reaching the launch phase. As an example, he mentioned Notcoin, which was introduced in December and only recently listed in May.

In conclusion, Tapswap users are advised to remain patient during the ongoing maintenance and continue following the project until its official launch. By doing so, they can ensure that their efforts are rewarded accordingly, as is the nature of the crypto world.

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