Quick Guide: How to Determine Your Electricity Tariff Band (A - E)

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The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) gave its nod to a substantial surge in electricity tariffs for Band A customers on Wednesday.

Musliu Oseni, Vice Chairman of NERC, disclosed that customers falling under this category would now face a charge of N225 per kilowatt-hour (KW/h) which is a notable leap from the prior rate of N66.

Band A encompasses consumers enjoying 20-24 hours of uninterrupted electricity supply daily, while Band B patrons receive 16 to 20 hours of power and Band C individuals have access to 12 to 16 hours daily.

Meanwhile, Band D subscribers receive eight to 12 hours of electricity each day, with Band E customers limited to only four to eight hours of daily supply.

The tariff hike has triggered debates over subscriber classification, raising concerns that some may face inflated charges beyond their actual usage.

In response, a simplified guide has been compiled to assist customers in identifying their feeder band, as outlined by the Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company:

1. Navigate to www.ikejaelectric.com

2. Access customer service

3. Select Customer feeder information

4. Proceed to customer feeder verification

5. Input your account or meter number for feeder details verification.

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