POS Agents and SMEs Urged to Meet CAC Registration Deadline

Point of Sale, POS
Point of Sale, POSvanguardngr

The Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) has set a crucial deadline of July 7 for the mandatory registration of point-of-sale (POS) agents and other small businesses in Nigeria.

Michael Nwabufo, an ambassador to the CAC, has urged all affected businesses to promptly comply with the registration requirement to avoid potential complications after the expiration of the deadline.

Nwabufo, a talent and brand manager, highlighted the importance of this initiative, stating that it represents a significant step forward in modernizing the business registration process in Nigeria.

He encouraged small businesses, particularly POS agents, to register through the CAC's Special Registration Portal (SRP) or the Practitioners of Content Creating, Skit-making, and Influencers Guild (PCCSIGN) platform.

The SRP offers a more accessible, efficient, and user-friendly registration process, with reduced registration and approval times. The CAC has also partnered with PCCSIGN to further streamline the registration process and remove any complications.

Nwabufo emphasized that formal registration not only provides legal recognition but also enhances the credibility and growth opportunities for small businesses. He advised all stakeholders to meet the July 7 deadline to avoid potential delays or complications in their business operations.

The Registrar-General of the CAC, Hussaini Magaji, had previously directed POS agents of major fintech companies in Nigeria, including OPay, Palmpay, and Moniepoint, to register their businesses by the July 7 deadline.

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