NPA upgrades Harbour Operations to Decrease Vessel Turnaround Time

The Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) is taking proactive measures to enhance its competitiveness within the West African Sub-region.
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As part of its infrastructure and equipment renewal efforts, the NPA has initiated the upgrade of its Control Tower to improve communication with incoming vessels and minimize vessel turnaround time.

During the commissioning of the Control Tower at the Apapa Port Complex, the Managing Director of NPA, Mohammed Koko-Bello, highlighted the significance of this facility as the primary point of contact for vessels.

The upgraded tower provides enhanced visibility from a higher vantage point, ensuring efficient navigation into the channels, a vital aspect for the agency.

Koko-Bello further emphasized the agency's commitment to obtaining International Standard Organization (ISO) certification for all ports across the country. The upgrading of control towers nationwide is part of this initiative, with the Port of Calabar and Onne already achieving ISO certification.

He stated, "We are giving serious attention to ensure that all the ports in the country are ISO certified, we had a meeting with the consultant about two weeks ago and the gaps have already been identified. So the first phase of the job has already been done, the second is ongoing.

“The way we got ISO certification for Onne  and other ports, we will ensure that this port also get ISO certification.   

“The commissioning of control tower signposts our unwavering commitment towards improving operational efficiency through aggressive infrastructure and equipment renewal.

“The multiplicity of functions, such as Vessel Traffic Management, Navigation Assistance, Advance Visibility, Safety and Security, Emergency Response, Communication, Resource Management and Disaster Risk Mitigation, amongst other crucial functions which a control tower enables, is the reasons why we placed the equipping of this facility as top priority”.

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