Notcoin's Success Sparks Excitement for New Telegram Crypto Game


The Telegram-based crypto mining project Tapswap has gained immense popularity in Nigeria, thanks to the successful launch of the new token Notcoin. People of all ages, from churches to schools and social gatherings, have become captivated by the "Tapswap fever."

While Notcoin has already been launched, Tapswap is yet to make its debut. Despite the widespread excitement surrounding the "tapping fever," some netizens remain uncertain about the concept.

Notcoin (NOT) is a token that originated as a play-to-earn game on Telegram, offering players the opportunity to "mine" its digital currency by engaging with an animated coin in the chat interface.

Tapswap is a Solana-based crypto exchange with low fees, high throughput, and exciting features like staking and margin trading. Players can earn Tap tokens by interacting with the Telegram Tapswap bot in a crypto-mining game.

Notcoin's successful launch has been a significant factor in Tapswap's rising popularity. At its peak, Notcoin was valued at $0.00568 per unit, giving it a market capitalization of $574 million. However, market prices are not static, and Tapswap is projected to be launched on May 30, 2024, for exchange.

The initial mining scheme for Notcoin officially ended on March 31, 2024, while Tapswap continues to be mined on Telegram. Both projects offer players tokens through simple tasks that do not require expert crypto knowledge.

According to crypto expert Obani Ebenezer Nwokoma, Tapswap has great potential and is likely to surpass Notcoin's performance once launched. He highlights the advantages of the Solana blockchain, which has more value and popularity compared to Ton, the blockchain used by Notcoin.

The success of these projects has led to heartwarming stories, such as a lady who bought her mother a smartphone using her earnings from Notcoin.

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