NAHCO Introduces Export Processing Facility

On Friday, the Nigerian Aviation Handling Company PLC inaugurated its Export Packaging and Processing Centre in Lagos.

During the ceremony, Dr. Seinde Fadeni, the Chairman of NAHCO’s Board of Directors, expressed the company's gratitude for the support of the Federal Government in achieving its objectives.

In acknowledging the role of the Minister of Aviation and Aerospace Development, Festus Keyamo, Fadeni emphasized the significance of government support for NAHCO as a private sector operator, stating, "NAHCO values the support of the government to make the business environment less challenging."

“We have achieved this and the new task is to set a new goal. Our only request to the government on this occasion would be that; should we need your support in our quest to move aviation forward in Nigeria in own little way, please be there for us.

“At NAHCO, we firmly believe that there is a lot of foreign exchange that Nigeria can earn through food exports. We have come to lead the charge. We would need the government to give us all the support we need,” he stated.

The chairman held that the livelihood and prosperity of many Nigerians depend on the export of perishables, asking the government to summon a meeting of stakeholders to deliberate on the ways to move the segment forward.

“And to all our stakeholders, the airlines, the agents, exporters, farmers, I tell you this today: NAHCO is ready for export business. You cannot get this facility anywhere else in Nigeria. It is built with you in mind.  I urge you to use it,” Fadeni added.

NAHCO is ground handling service provider that plays in the aviation industry, energy, logistics, food and beverages, and aviation training.

Meanwhile, the Group Managing Director of NAHCO, Indranil Gupta, maintained, “Non-oil exports will have to play a pivotal role in strengthening the economic might of our great nation”.

According to Gupta, exports bring about economic development by way of earning foreign exchange and helping the domestic economy by generating jobs, thereby putting money into the pockets of Nigerians.

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