Lagos face Annual N4 trn Loss Due to Traffic Congestion - Report

A groundbreaking study from the Danne Institute for Research has revealed that Lagos is facing a annual economic setback of N4 trillion, primarily due to the widespread problem of traffic congestion.
Lagos-Ibadan expressway
Lagos-Ibadan expresswaythe punch

According to a research conducted by the Danne Institute for Research, it has been unveiled that Lagos is grappling with a colossal annual economic loss of N4 trillion, all attributed to the pervasive issue of traffic congestion.

The research presented in Lagos on Wednesday, titled ‘Behavioural Causes of Traffic Congestion in Lagos,’ and generously funded by the Bank of Industry and Africa Finance Corporation, sounded a clarion call for urgent intervention to mitigate the profound economic and social toll inflicted by the city's traffic woes.

Franca Ovadje, the Executive Director of the Danne Institute for Research, underscored the gravity of the situation, noting that this financial setback could otherwise be channelled into critical sectors such as education, healthcare, and infrastructure development.

The report identifies behavioral factors as the primary culprits behind Lagos' traffic nightmare, which include substandard road infrastructure, rampant violation of traffic laws, the disruptive activities of agberos at bus stops, and the inefficiencies in the process of buses picking up passengers.

Ovadje pointed out that despite Lagos boasting a population of 21 million, the crippling impact of traffic jams on daily life is preventing a corresponding boost in productivity.

The report sheds light on a significant correlation, suggesting that in developing countries, doubling the population should ideally result in a 5 to 6 percent growth in productivity.

Survey respondents, grappling with traffic congestion as their foremost challenge, proposed pragmatic solutions. These encompassed a focused approach to road construction, repairs, and maintenance, coupled with a categorical ban on agberos and the rigorous enforcement of traffic laws.

“Areas like Ajah, Etiosa, and Apapa bear the brunt, necessitating urgent measures such as nighttime road construction, creation of alternative routes during construction, and strict enforcement of traffic laws,” the report noted.

As the Lagos State Government concludes works on the Lekki Coastal Road Construction, the report advocates for sustained efforts to prevent further traffic woes.

It calls for strict penalties, and increased deployment of LASTMA officials, police, and even soldiers to manage traffic effectively.

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