FG Plans to Enter $350B Global Outsourcing Market

Kashim Shettima
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The Federal Government has shown interest in joining the lucrative global outsourcing market, which has generated around $350 billion for seven top countries, in order to tap into the vast job opportunities it provides for the nation's youth.

The Vice President, Senator Kashim Shettima, will launch the Outsource To Nigeria Initiative, OTNI, a private sector-led, government-enabled programme anchored by the Office of the Vice President, in Gombe State on Monday, March 4, 2024, as part of its efforts to benefit from it the global market.

To create jobs in the business process and technology-enabled outsourcing sector, it is designed as part of the efforts and determination to achieve President Tinubu’s administration agenda on job creation.

Sen Ibrahim Hadejia, Deputy Chief of Staff to the President, revealed at a briefing in Abuja yesterday that when successfully implemented nationwide, OTNI would be the quickest method to ensure job security for Nigeria’s young population. 

He mentioned that the Office of the Vice President was backing the initiative due to the significant job opportunities in the booming global outsourcing market, which generated nearly $350 billion in 2023 for the top seven countries involved.

He continued, ”If we can get a big chunk of this market, it will not only be the alternative to oil, but also probably the biggest employer of young people in the country. This is why it has the full backing of the Office of the Vice President.”

The Deputy Chief of Staff encouraged other state governors to follow Gombe's lead and take advantage of the OTNI launch to create good job opportunities for youths in their states.

Mrs Amal Hassan, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Outsource Global and the promoter of the programme, stated that the launch of OTNI on March 4 in Gombe, Abuja, and Kaduna would represent a significant milestone in Nigeria's business process and outsource sector.

She revealed that the initiative would aggregate all talents on a worknation platform and provide capacity building based on the requirements of the domestic and international markets.

She elaborated that the strategy includes setting up centers of excellence, engaging in global branding and communication to showcase Nigerian talents, strengths and capabilities, and deploying trainees in international and domestic markets.

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