FG Plan Electricity Offences Tribunal, Activate 2.6 Million Meters

Electricity meter
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The Federal Government has announced plans to establish an electricity offences tribunal to combat power-related crimes and speed up the prosecution of offenders. The tribunal will have an inbuilt appeal system to ensure swift dispensation of justice.

Speaking at a press briefing in Abuja, the Managing Director of the Nigerian Electricity Management Services Agency (NEMSA), Aliyu Tahir, stated that the agency has been working on the establishment of the tribunal in line with the powers conferred on it by the Electricity Act 2023.

NEMSA has also made significant progress in metering and testing, with over 2.6 million meters tested and calibrated. The agency has inspected and tested 21,681 electricity installation projects, with 13,154 certified.

Additionally, 16,624 electricity networks have been monitored, and 4,921 factories, hazardous installations, and public places have been inspected and certified fit.

The agency is working to ensure the functionality, durability, and safety of the meters and equipment.

The data compiled by NEMSA as of the first quarter of 2024 shows that out of the 13,162,572 registered consumers who get supply from the national grid, 5,842,726 have been metered.

The establishment of the tribunal is seen as a key step in strengthening the enforcement powers and responsibilities of NEMSA.

The agency is working with the National Assembly to amend the Electricity Act to include a provision for the tribunal. Once established, the tribunal will help to fast-track the prosecution of offenders and ensure that electricity theft is adequately addressed.

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