FG Connects over 40,000 MSMEs to 103 Mini-Grids

Federal Government Achieves Electrification Milestone: 103 Mini-Grids Energize Over 46,000 MSMEs and Households
Ahmad Salihijo
Ahmad Salihijothe punch

The Federal Government made a significant announcement on Thursday regarding the electrification efforts for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), households, and public facilities.

A total of 103 mini-grids have been deployed across the country, with the purpose of enhancing electricity access in rural and underserved regions of Nigeria. This initiative falls under the Performance Based Grant subcomponent of the Nigeria Electrification Project, which is funded by the World Bank.

During the 10th Mini-Grid Roundtable discussion held virtually, Ahmad Salihijo, the Managing Director/Chief Executive of the Rural Electrification Agency (REA), highlighted the agency's commitment to bridging the energy access gap in Nigeria. He emphasized that the agency's efforts were directed towards fostering economic growth, improving education, and enhancing the overall quality of life for Nigerians.

Salihijo explained that the Performance Based Grant (PBG) sub-component played a pivotal role in achieving their goals. This financing mechanism provides grants to qualified developers to construct and operate mini-grids in rural communities.

The PBG has successfully attracted private sector investments, leading to the completion and commissioning of over 80 mini-grids. These mini-grids have connected approximately 32,000 households, MSMEs, and public facilities, ensuring access to clean and reliable electricity.

Salihijo also stated that the success of the solar hybrid mini-grid component, which has facilitated a total of 46,661 verified connections to households, MSMEs, and public facilities. He noted that each connection contributes to bridging the energy gap and driving economic development.

Currently, an additional 281,578 connections are in progress, underscoring REA's commitment to expanding the project's reach and impact.

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