Federal Government Project $1 Trillion Maritime Earnings by 2027

The Federal Government has emphasized the crucial role of the Nigerian maritime industry in achieving a $1 trillion economic growth by 2027.
Nigerian Shippers Council
Nigerian Shippers Councilgoogle

The Executive Secretary of the Nigerian Shippers Council, Pius Akuta, revealed this information on Thursday during a courtesy visit to the Tincan Island Container Terminal Limited in Lagos.

President Bola Tinubu previously shared that the government is actively working towards propelling Nigeria into a $1 trillion economy within three years, specifically by 2027.

During the tour, Akuta expressed, "Mr. President and his new hope agenda for this country are looking at moving from a $500 billion economy to a $1 trillion economy by the end of four years."

“And the marine and blue economy ministry is one of the pivotal ministries that would drive this economy to that extent.”

The NSC boss added that the government is looking at a private sector collaboration in rebuilding the sector.

“The Minister of Marine and Blue Economy, His Excellency Oyetola, is already looking at developing a holistic blueprint, a new policy document that would capture all of those infrastructure deficits, infrastructure decay, and automation of the systems in the port so that at the end of the day, it would not going to be taking one issue and trying to fix it when the other problems are still persisting. But we have to look at the whole system holistically and see what can be done,” Akuta added.

Earlier, the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Tincan Island Container Terminal Limited, Mr Etienne Rocher, said the rehabilitation and modernisation of Lagos Ports were critical to meeting the requirements that would ttract shipping lines and make the country competitive in West and Central Africa.

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